Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Come to Wisconisin

Join me on Madeline Island

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"When you take a flower in your hand and really look at it, it's your world for the moment."
Georgia O'keeffe

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Milagro in orange

Orange Milagro in progress
Orange Milagro in progress ~ Jane LaFazio
Orange Milagro in progress
Orange Milagro in progress ~ Jane LaFazio
Orange Milagro in progress
Orange Milagro in progress ~ Jane LaFazio
Orange Milagro in progress
Orange Milagro in progress ~ Jane LaFazio
Orange Milagro in progress
Orange Milagro in progress ~ Jane LaFazio
I still need to sew the sides and stuff this. Work in progress. #sequinfestish 
Orange Milagro in progress
Orange Milagro in progress ~ Jane LaFazio

Saturday, April 11, 2015

The start of art ~ an art quilt in progress. Part One.

Elements of an art quilt ~ in progress
work in progress ~  by Jane LaFazio
I thought it might be interesting to follow along in the creation of a series art quilts I'm making. 

I've been invited by Visions Art Museum, in San Diego, to create two 24x24 inch quilts to be exhibited July 18- October 4th, 2015. The theme is "Balboa Park Arches" to coincide with the park's 100th anniversary.

The photo above is just the beginning. I've collaged and fused the cotton fabrics, organza, paper and tea bags onto a piece of felt a bit larger than 24x24 inches.

I've done just a bit of machine stitching, mostly to hold the pieces in place.

Next, I'm going to cut it into small pieces... and hand stitch them. And then reassemble them.
Elements of an art quilt ~ in progress
from my sketchbook   by Jane LaFazio
I'll be using my drawing, above, to do some machine stitching on the quilt.
And below, in my front yard,  is the preparation of rusting some cotton fabric and silk organza.
Elements of an art quilt ~ in progress
preparing the fabric ~ by Jane LaFazio
Elements of an art quilt ~ in progress
from my sketchbook ~ by Jane LaFazio
Above is my drawing of an architectural detail in the park and below, I've machine stitched it onto water soluble and some cheese cloth. It will also be an element in the quilt.
Elements of an art quilt ~ in progress
machine stitched ~ in progress ~ by Jane LaFazio
And, I'm going to use this palm tree drawing as a shape for some additional fused elements.
Elements of an art quilt ~ in progress
from my sketchbook ~ drawn in Balboa Park ~ by Jane LaFazio
At least that's the plan! Stay tuned for the continuation of my process.

(This process is an example of the type of inspiration my upcoming online class "Watercolor Sketchbook: Designs from Life" offers. Read about the online class starting May 15 here.)

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

from my sketchbook

Lake Poway easter 2015
from my sketchbook ~ Jane LaFazio
from my sketchbook
my view ~ Jane LaFazio
from my sketchbook
the sketch ~ Jane LaFazio
from my sketchbook
from my sketchbook ~ Jane LaFazio
Husb and I went to Lake Poway for an Easter morning picnic. It seems to be our Easter tradition!  We pack our watercolor supplies and hard boiled eggs, fruit, coffee, croissants and the sunday newspaper, and spend a delightful morning outside. 

Monday, April 06, 2015

Just Jane!

Just Jane ~  eBook!
Just Jane!  a new eBook by Quilting Arts magazine!
Well, how exciting is this? Quilting Arts and Cloth Paper Scissors magazines have created an eBook of Just Jane! (love that title!) It's 58 pages long is consists of 14 of the articles I've written. 

I'm just thrilled about this retrospective of my magazine work! (Especially, since I read in the newspaper recently about a movie company have releasing a retrospective of Doris Day's films. For her 91st birthday! So glad I didn't have to wait that long.)

And check out these kind works from Vivika, Editor of Quilting Arts magazine: 

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A look back at my Tree of Life series

Oaxaca Tree of Life
Tree of Life Oaxaca (30x22") by Jane LaFazio
A number of years ago (like maybe 10-14) I created a series of Tree of Life paintings. Still one of my favorite themes. They were all done watercolor paper, painted with watercolor and embellished with collage, charms and stitching.

Below, is a needlepoint kit designed from my Tree of Life Oaxaca. Pretty cool huh? She worked hard to replicate it as best she could, down to the size and embellishments. 
Oaxaca (30x22") a needlepoint created and stitched
by Cassandra Prescott (Sundance Designs) with my permission
Here's the rest of the series......
Tree of Life
Tree of Life (30x22") by Jane LaFazio
Tree of Life heart in hand
Tree of Life Heart in Hand (30x22") by Jane LaFazio
Tree of Life MARIGOLD
Tree of Life Marigold (30x22") by Jane LaFazio
Tree of Life Guadalupe
Tree of Life Guadalupe (30x22") by Jane LaFazio
Tree of Life commission
Tree of Life (private commission) (30x22") by Jane LaFazio

Sunday, March 29, 2015

a new DVD in the can...so to speak

on the set of Quilting Arts TV
Quilting Arts TV host, Susan Brubaker Knapp and me on the set of QA TV
I was thrilled to be asked back for my 4th time to film some episodes for Quilting Arts TV. They also asked me to create and film my 3rd DVD.

(aside: Pokey Bolton, founder of Quilting Arts and now creating her own Crafting a Life company, and Interweave and now F&W Media have done sooooo much for my career! I can't thank them enough for their faith in me.)

I filmed a TV segment on my Poke Berry Series, and one on felt milagros and a short one on how to felt soap. The TV episodes air on Public TV and once they are released, you can buy the DVD set or download.
vivika and me meeting
Vivika Hansen DeNegre, Quilting Arts magazine Editor and me
Vivika and I have been online friends for years, and this was our first in person meeting. She is the best!!
green room on  Quilting Arts TV
On the table in the green room! "MY" magazine cover and my DVD
on the set of Quilting Arts TV
A quick break in filming my Intro to Wet Felting DVD.
Vivika helps with directorial guidance!
My upcoming DVD with the working title "Intro to Wet Felting" will be about hour long. It took nearly 3 hours to film. It's hard work to remember everything (no cue cards) and to smile and to look competent!

on the set of Quilting Arts TV
Another episode with Susan for Quilting Art TV. (where is that camera lens anyway?)

dinner with the Quilting Arts peeps and fellow artists
dinner at the end of day one.
back row:Cecile Whatman, Pat Pauly, Susan Brubaker Knapp, Kristine Lundblad (Asst Editor, Quilting Arts magazine) front row: Desiree Habicht, me, Vivika Hansen DeNegre were all on set, so we had a lovely dinner out together. So great to relax and get to know each other after a hard day filming.
wine and chips after filming
my reward for 2 days of filming! chips and wine.
All and all an experience that I will cherish. I'm also quite glad to have it behind me. 
The DVD will be out in a few months, and probably the QA TV series 1600 soon after that. I'll keep you posted.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Update from Cleveland

On the set, filming a new DVD!
I just got home from filming a new instructional DVD. It will be an introduction to Wet Felting, with creative ideas to take the piece of felt to the next level of an art quilt. The DVD/download should be for sale in a few months. I'll keep you posted, of course!

The DVD was filmed in Cleveland, Ohio, just like my last two, "Art Journaling to Art" and "Layered and Fused Applique: from fabric scraps to recycled circles."

More details and photos to come!

Friday, March 20, 2015

A visit to Tucson Arizona

tucson arizona march 2015
from my sketchbook ~ by Jane LaFazio (5x7 inches) in my JaneVille Etsy shop now.
A little sketching and watercolor with a fellow Sketchbook Skool student at the Tucson Botanical Garden.
tucson 1

This was my first ever trip to Tucson, Arizona.
A photo posted by Jane LaFazio (@janelafazio) on

I taught a  2 day workshop for PaperWorks (Text and Textiles) and did a talk for their membership. 
Text on Textiles, in progress
In progress ~ text on textiles~ by Jane LaFazio
It's funny. I selected these lovely indigo fabrics (above) to teach the workshop. The colors and this nearly finished work remind of of Japan. During the workshop, Mabel Dean, one of my students, gave me a lovely piece of antique linen from a kimono. Perfect additon to this piece.

But I look at it now and think, why could I haven't done it in the spring desert colors of Tucson! Well, in part, because I'd never seen the landscape of Tucson before. 

Now, I may have to do a Arizona version!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Stamp design

from my sketchbook ~ by Jane LaFazio

design and carve a stamp ~ Jane LaFazio
first print ~ Jane LaFazio

a repeating border! by Jane LaFazio
I love designing and carving my own stamps! I'll be teaching this technique a few times and places this year: 
Oceanside Museum of Art  (California)
Art Unraveled (Phoenix, AZ)

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Danny Gregory

Art Before Breakfast by Danny Gregory
Danny Gregory. Danny is my mentor and my friend. I've been lucky to know him since around 2005. I started reading his blog. I met him in 2006 (pictured below).

from march 2006
Danny and our sketchcrawl in Los Angeles, 2006
He asked me to be in his book, An Illustrated Life, in 2007. 
An Illustrated Life by Danny Gregory
My husband and I saw Danny in New York City, the last time we were there.
danny and me and don
New York City, September 2013. Danny, me and Don, my husband

Then, in January 2014, he came to my house in San Diego, to film me for Sketchbook Skool ~ beginnings.

Danny Gregory
Danny Gregory sitting in my living room, January 2014,
to film me for Sketchbook Skool ~ Beginnings semester.
Danny's written lots of books, and he's got a new one out called "Art Before Breakfast." I promise you, it will make you grab a sketchbook immediately! Get the book. 

And while you're at it, might as well order my Danny favorites of "An Illustrated Life" and "Everyday Matters" too.

Everyday Matters by Danny Gregory

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